Combining like terms and distributive property worksheet 6th grade

Combining like terms and distributive property worksheet 6th grade

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This is the worksheet we did in class to practice using the distributive property to expand expressions. 4 Distributive Property Lesson Plan - Blocks 1 and 3 Independent Practice.pdf 326.57 KB (Last Modified on April 16, 2014) This combining like terms algebra 1 activity is the perfect worksheet alternative to teach students how to distribute and combine like terms. Students have to simplify the expressions and match them to their simplified form. My high school math students loved this math activity last year and I plan to use it again this year!

Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms Simplify each expression by combining like terms. 1) n − 9 + 10 2) 5a − 5a 3) r − 9r 4) −n − 5n 5) 9x + 2 − 8 6) 5 − 10 x + 4 7) 6x − 4x 8) −7b + 9b Simplify each expression using the distributive property. 9) 5(n + 5) 10) −9(10 − 6r) 11) −6(m + 6) 12) 3(4 − 6n)

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Subtract 6 from each side. Simplify. Multiply each side by 3. Simplify. CHECK 3 x x 3 Combining Like Terms First… Write the original equation. Combine like terms. Add 8 to each side. Simplify. Simplify. CHECK Divide each side by 4. 4 4 Using the Distributive Property… Write the original equation. Distribute the 3. Combine like terms. 5th Grade Math > Distributive Property > Distributive Property Worksheets. To see these worksheets with 20 math problems each, become a member. Or, did you know you can practice Distributive Property online for free?

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Use the distributive property to simplify: 2(x + y + z) distributive property and combining like terms DRAFT. 6th grade. 203 times. Mathematics. 62% average accuracy. 2 years ago. mrssprenger.

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