Ford focus vibration at idle

Ford focus vibration at idle

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Dec 29, 2020 · SSM 47174 – 2011-2018 Fiesta, 2012-2018 Focus – DPS6 – First Order Engine Vibration After Installation Of The Transmission Or Engine Some 2011-2018 Fiesta and 2012-2018 Focus vehicles equipped with a DPS6 transmission may exhibit a first order engine vibration, primarily at idle, but in all gear ranges after installation of the engine , transmission or clutch assembly.

my 2001 ford focus se has severe vibration and rough idle when cold. durring the summer it runs fine but now that its cold again its horrible. what can it My 2002 Ford Focus SE has a constant vibration in the engine. I have had spark plugs/wires replaced, motor mount, transmission mount, fuel filter...

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At idle, fully warm, it vibrates a bit, like idle is just a hair too low. Car runs great otherwise. New air filter, Motorcraft plugs just installed this week (vibrated before and after replacement), Exxon 93 always. No other bad behaviors. 24,000 miles. Watch the idle in drive with the brake on compared to when it's in park. It's probably 200-300 rpm lower. This isn't a problem in itself since it's normal, but at lower rpms vibrations become more apparent and often louder. The next time you here the rattle, hold the brake and apply a little throttle and see if it goes away.

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Jan 15, 2013 · The bonet and dash vibrate a bit when idle but not when driving, there is no vibration in the clutch pedal when idle or revving the engine, there are no noises and the gear changes are quite smooth. the vibration is noticable but not too much. There are no vibrations in the lower gears either.

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