Ginger oil distillation process

Ginger oil distillation process

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The methods of extracting ginger oil from ginger are mainly steam distillation and solvent extraction. Steam distillation is the use of Dalton's law of partial pressure. The fresh ginger or dried ginger is mashed before steaming, then steam is added under normal pressure or pressure so that ginger oil can be distilled at below its boiling point.

Ginger oils and oleoresins are the value added products obtained from the dry rhizomes of Zingeber Officinale by steam distillation and followed by solvent extraction. The volatile part that imparts the characteristic sweet, warm citrus like pleasant smell, is the essential oil and is obtained by steam distillation.

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May 14, 2019 · Distillation of cannabinoids is complicated by the fact that CBD is prone to heat degradation. 4 This makes ordinary distillation difficult, as the heat required to boil each fraction of the extracted oil can degrade the cannabidiol. One solution to this is to carry out short-path distillation at a lower pressure. Essential oil distiller is suitable for containing high grease composition of plant leaves, flowers, grass and animal material in conventional oil, essential oil, fragrant oil composition of water distillation extraction process. Characters. By steam directly -distillation to reach the extraction of essential oils. Easy operation.

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A solvent (often a mixture of benzene and methyl ethyl ketone) is first added to the oil, and the solution is chilled to about −20 °C (−5 °F). The function of the benzene is to keep the oil in solution and maintain its fluidity at low temperatures, whereas the methyl ethyl ketone acts as a wax precipitant.

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