How to transfer dlc from one ps3 to another

How to transfer dlc from one ps3 to another

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Hello, I have been reading into this situation for a while and now I have arrived here. The Forums on the warframe website! I am just a Warframe lover and I am wondering when and where I can get a transfer from PS4 to PC.Nov 24, 2010 · Note that Jimmy’s story actually began with the PS3 exclusive DLC, The Betrayal of Jimmy, though gamers on PC and the XBox 360 will just have to accept that this Jimmy fella is a new and unknown element in their gaming world for now, the word is that a version of Betrayal will be released for the other two platforms some time next year.

Mar 24, 2012 · Need help in transfering DLC from one profile to another Original Title: Profile Transfer. is there a way to transfer dlc from one profile to another profile if say bought it with one profile but i wanted to change profile but keep my dlc. is this posible. if not can you tell me why.

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It seems like the DLC's locked to the console it's purchased on, which is a shame since I cannot actually buy the DLC again on my second console - ever since September 2019, it's been impossible for Australian So is there a way to 'unlock' the DLC from its home console, so it can be used on others?

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Nov 16, 2014 · You can't transfer DLC no, but you can play games along with the DLC that belong on another account that is linked to the same computer. i bought gage historical pack on this account but my other account has gage mod pack and gage weapon pack 1 and 2 Then no, sorry, Steam will not merge accounts. All purchases are locked onto that account.

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