Mit biophysics phd

Mit biophysics phd

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As an undergraduate at MIT, he majored in physics and mathematics and conducted theoretical research on a variety of solid-state systems. Originally interested in combining chemical intuition with mathematical rigor to further the understanding of materials with exotic and useful properties, he spent his first year as a physics PhD student ...

The Biophysics Program brings together faculty from biochemistry, biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics working on questions at the intersection of the physical and life sciences. Personnel.Jason Yoon MD, PhD Resident and Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-2018 Current: Fellow in Neuroradiology, Harvard/MGH. Qian Zhong PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-2018 Current: Research Scientist, MIT and Johnson & Johnson. Ananya Karthik High School Scholar, 2016-2018 Current: BS Candidate, Stanford University. Doug Martin MD, PhD

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Much of our research is in the realms of micro/nanofluidic technologies, DNA biophysics, biosensing and rheology. A burgeoning interest is the use of microfludics to synthesize microparticles for both fundamental colloidal studies and applications, such as multiplexed sensing, biomimetic systems and catalysis.

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Enrique Barrera7, Ph.D. (UT Austin, 1987) Formation of hybrid nanotube materials and the development of fully integrated nanotube composites. Michael Diehl2, Ph.D. (UCLA, 2002) Biomotor cooperativity, biomaterials, supramolecular biophysics and molecular bioengineering. Anna-Karin Gustavsson, Ph.D. (U Gothenburg, 2015) 3, 7, 9 United States. Degree. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biophysics. Salary. Degrees in the same industry as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Biophysics, ranked by salary.

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